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Discovering Cala Mancina

di Marco

San Vito lo Capo is now a favorite destination for nature lovers who come every year - and every season - for the wonderful views overlooking the sea.

The peculiar cliffs of our land are increasingly known by climbers and athletes from all over the world.(Modificato)Ripristina originale

Like that of Calamancina which takes its name from the bay.

The southern climate makes climbing possible almost all year round and transforms this small town into a veritable paradise for climbers.

Ok Marco, but what if I'm not such a sporty person? Why should I care?

I'll explain ...

In a real vacation you cannot miss a few moments to live in contact with nature.

Today, more than ever, it is better to live outdoors, especially by the sea!

Walking is good for body and soul.
Trekking among the colors and scents of the Mediterranean scrub is an experience that involves all your senses.

I often go there between December and April, when temperatures still don't invite diving (in summer I have no time...)

I take my me the thermos and a cup to enjoy my favorite tea overlooking the sea, warming me up.

I assure you that these are moments in which I turn off my thoughts.

Close your eyes now and imagine yourself here too.

Feel the waves crashing on the rocks and the sun warming your skin bothered by the cold winter.

Now reopen them and continue reading so I will explain the adventure you can experience when you are here with us at the Hotel Piccolo Mondo.


Get in your car (or request a taxi) and go to the Lighthouse from which a dirt road starts west of which then becomes a coastal path.

On one side the sea, with its rocky and jagged coast and on the other the cliffs, walls up to 40 meters high, almost always carpeted with climbers.

You can shorten the route a bit, if you want, by heading towards via Calamancina.

In this pleasant walk you will see several caves: that of "Cala Mancina", the "Grotta della Campana" (Grotta means "cave", campana means "bell") and the "Grotta dei Cavalli ("Cavalli" means horses) which is the largest with a very wide entrance but it is difficult to access it because there are large collapsed boulders.

Inside there are stalactites of various shapes and sizes, both hanging from the ceiling and developed along the walls but also paintings probably dating back to the Neo-Eneolithic period of the Mediterranean area, ie between the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC.

If you come on holiday to San Vito Lo Capo in the summer you will fall in love with the small beach that you will find along the way.

It is a truly fantastic "natural pool"!

Stop here until sunset.

IMG 3017
The pebble beach of Cala Mancina - photo taken in January 2020.

There are many reasons that drive us to travel: the desire to know new places, the thrill of adventure, the desire to explore places far from our routines, where you can take a break from daily commitments, relaxing and enjoying the landscape.

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