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The best Ice Cream in San Vito Lo Capo

di Antonella

Imagine your holiday in San Vito Lo CApo

What do you see?

The blue sky, the beach, the waves … Summer!

It’s the same for me.

But there’s more: summer means ice-cream!

By choosing San Vito Lo Capo as your holiday destination you’re lucky.

San Vito Lo Capo is not just beach, sun…

It is also the magical place where a very, very good ice-cream was born: the Caldo Freddo.

What is a "Caldo Freddo"?

It is a dessert that everyone in San Vito Lo Capo loves.

The Caldo Freddo is prepared since the 70s.

At that time there were few restaurants, few hotels, but some ice-cream shops tried to offer something more than just chocolate ice-cream.

This is how Caldo Freddo was born.

Every day adults or children fall in love with it!

The particularity of this dessert is given by the different temperature of its two ingredients: ice cream and hot chocolate.

There is an amazing combination, second to none.

As we said: the base is ice cream, which you can choose your favorite flavor.

Chocolate, coffee, hazelnut …

We for example love the hazelnut one!

Between the cold of ice cream and the hot chocolate you meet cream and soft sponge cake soaked in rum (or milk, depending on your taste).

Calories are certainly not few.

Eat it after a pizza or after a grilled fish is impossible!

For this reason, in your week in San Vito Lo Capo, we suggest you make a special evening for this incredible ice cream.

If you come to visit us we will also tell you what, in our humble opinion, is the ice cream shop that makes the best ice cream in San Vito Lo Capo!

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