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Here at the Hotel Piccolo Mondo our rooms are allergy-proof with ozone sanitization treatment

di Antonella

We think that an excellent stay is due to a thorough cleaning of rooms and common areas.

This is a philosophy that we have always protected and pursued.

To make a hotel room truly healthful, antiallergic sanitation with ozone is one of the most effective ways.

We at the Piccolo Mondo Hotel are among the first in San Vito Lo Capo to use an ozone sanitization method for cleaning and sanitizing rooms.

This system generates ozone molecules that perform deep antiallergic action:

  • sanitize;
  • destroy viruses;
  • destroy bacteria and spores;
  • eliminate mites;
  • annihilate bad smells.

Ozone is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms.

It represents a powerful oxidant able to naturally reduce the concentration of fungi, mites, bacteria, viruses and of a multitude of molecules perceived by smell, possessing very high sanitizing and deodorizing ability.

The method we use is eco friendly, as it does not use chemicals.

Ozone sterilizes the entire room in a few minutes by acting with maximum efficiency on beds, pillows, blankets, curtains and any surface of the room, eliminating all types of impurities!

This is a great advantage for you who have chosen the Hotel Piccolo Mondo as the base for your holiday in San Vito Lo Capo: if you suffer from allergic colds, if you have atopic or contact dermatitis.

In any case, a perfectly healthy room is certainly comforting.

We think that to be happy on vacation you need a few but very important elements: a restful sleep due to comfortable beds and a deeply sanitized room, a good breakfast with typical products, homemade cakes and jams and an excellent welcome.

This is the winning formula that will make you feel good in San Vito Lo Capo.

Contact us by email, phone or book directly from this website at the best guaranteed rate.

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