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Our beloved rooms in Dependance

di Marco

Here on our site you looked at the rooms and you may have noticed that some of them have the word “Dependance”.

No, it’s not a fancy name.

The Dependance is a building located just opposite the main building.

In the main buiding you can Check-In and have breakfast with homemade cakes and jam...

If you are thinking that the Dependance is worth less than the other building, you are wrong.

We have always renovated our Hotel, trying to make all the rooms more and more modern – and above all – functional.

The only difference with the main building is the color of the furnishings: we thought it was a nice thing to differentiate the “Hotel” rooms and those of the Dependance.

As you have seen, the rooms in the Hotel are in Blue, those in Dependance are Purple.

On the first floor there are both standard rooms and with balcony.

On the second floor there is the pride of the Hotel.

Yes, I’m talking about the Junior Suite!

With frontal and side sea views, its exclusive terrace is perfect to stop for a moment, turn off your thoughts and admire the sea with the person you love.

From here in the morning, still sleepy, you can feel the breeze of the Mediterranean caressing your skin.

The Junior Suite is a very large room, with the best view of the entire hotel!

It does not matter if you are a couple or with your family, because the sofa in the living area becomes a comfortable double bed, perfect for your children!

As I said, the Dependance is not an option to discard, it contains much of the history of the Piccolo Mondo and of my family within its walls.

Let’s jump back, let’s go back to the past, 
think about when the songs of Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson were played by jukeboxes in your city. Perfect.

The Dependance in those years already existed, even before the Hotel Piccolo Mondo existed: it was indeed the home of my grandparents, here where my father grew up.

The Terrace of the Junior Suite was theirs, from here Vito looked out, looking for Antonella.

Now you just have to contact us or click here so you can make your holiday at Piccolo Mondo official!

See you in San Vito Lo Capo!

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