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The Festa di San Vito

di Vito

Here in San Vito Lo Capo, every year, there are so many events that we who live here have always loved. Many of these festivals and events have been repeated for a very long time and are moments of great joy and happiness!

Because each of these events is connected with a memory like when you went for a walk with your grandparents. Some events like the "Feast of San Vito" have been repeated for a really long time now that we can no longer do without them, because it is part of our life.

Like every year, in San Vito Lo Capo, on June 15th is celebrated the Feast of San Vito.

Who was Vito?

Little Vito grew up in Mazara del Vallo in Roman times.

These were very hard times for those like the boy and the mentors Crescenzia and Modesto, believed in Christianity.

Having finally managed to escape the persecution, a storm forced Vito’s ship to land in a gulf protected by wind from a rocky cape well-known by the sailors of the time.
Here Vito, Modesto and Crescentia have tried to convert the villagers.
It was then that, as a divine punishment, a huge landslide came to bury the village and its inhabitants.
The passage of Vito however caused great emotion among the people of the area so that in his memory was built the chapel that in the years became the first fortress and then the Sanctuary.

The feast

The whole country waits with great joy this time, and many take part first in the preparations for the event.
The most exciting moment is definitely “Lo Sbarco”, the historic reconstruction of the arrival at San Vito Lo Capo of young Vito with his nurse Crescenza and his master Modesto.
The three characters, with the costumes of the time, arrive on the beach with a small boat accompanied by all the siren sailors explained expected by thousands of faithful and curious tourists.

A mini show of fireworks welcomes the three saints who head for the parade, among the faithful wings, to the Shrine after crossing the small streets of the hamlet.

The religious event, in previous days, shows of music bands, concerts in the square, and ancient games of the maritime tradition are the cornerstone of the religious event.

We suggest to attend at this particular moment will let you know the true identity and essence of Sicily.

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