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Where to eat the best couscous in San Vito Lo Capo

di Marco

San Vito Lo Capo is a pearl in the Mediterranean Sea, now famous for its beach.

It is considered a small paradise because you can spend here a relaxing holiday, away from the hectic pace of the big cities.

Being a small town in Sicily, what makes it attractive to interested people is undoubtedly its gastronomy.

There are many "masterpieces" that you can enjoy in San Vito Lo Capo day by day.

From "Arancine" in the small family-run beachfront venues to the fresh fish in the most reviewed restaurants in the industry's largest guides and the most popular online portals.

One of the dishes to which San Vito Lo Capo owes its fame - and most loved by us Sanvitesi - is undoubtedly the Cous Cous!

If you still don't know, it is a dish born in the homes of the peoples of North Africa.

It is a recipe that can be used all together with the family, based on meat or vegetables.

It is said that the fishermen of Western Sicily, in particular the Sanvitesi, went to the Maghreb to fish and they "fell in love" with the Cous Cous. Once at home they brought the recipe back to their families.

This is the story of "Cous Cous alla Sanvitese".

Not with meat.

Not with vegetables.

But with fish.

Pure raw material of those "pioneers" to whom our small community owes so much.

Cous Cous is a poor dish but requires large manpower according to our tradition.

It is common practice to gather together at a table to eat this extraordinary dish.

The most fascinating thing is that the recipe is passed down from grandmothers to grandchildren.

Personally, I love this food so good, fragrant and tasty.

It is made with spices such as cinnamon for example and fish with white and refined meats such as redfish and grouper, from which a wonderful broth is obtained to be poured on the Cous Cous …

Here at the Hotel Piccolo Mondo in San Vito Lo Capo we have a very precise philosophy: we want our guests to taste the best products of our land by dining in the selection of restaurants that we have personally chosen and tried for them.

Every day a different place that can offer traditions, taste and sensations impossible to try in the classic kitchen of a hotel.

You will therefore be able to savor the Fish Cous Cous, the day after the raw fish, the Busiate al Pesto Sanvitese and all the other typical delicacies offered by nearby restaurants!

In particular, with regard to Cous Cous, my advice is to try it at the "Crik & Crok Restaurant" which is located just a few meters from our hotel.

Here Chef Rocco Pace, already winner of the Cous Cous Fest (if you don't know what I talk about it here) with the Italian national team, proposes it as his grandmother prepared it …

As you understand if you have read this far, a week in San Vito Lo Capo is not only sea, only beach.

But lots and lots of good food, especially because our breakfast is plentiful and varied!

We are waiting for you.

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