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We think that lunch and dinner are two of the happiest moments of a day, especially on vacation.

When we leave our city for a place a little further away that we have never visited, we can taste different things, which we are not used to eating.

Our regular guests love to choose day by day a different restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo so as to taste something new every time in a different place.

We are always happy to talk with our guests and recommend a taste itinerary to try an excellent "busiata" or "arancine" for a quick lunch.

This is why, in our opinion, doing B&B as we do is just fine.

Especially since our breakfast between cannoli, pane cunzato, sfincione (Sicilian pizza), cakes and homemade jams, fresh fruit ... it is very rich in energy!

We do not have a restaurant but being 50 meters from the beach and less than 200 from the main street everything is within walking distance.

During your vacation you can therefore choose when and where to eat, trying all the Sicilian delicacies.

As you may know, we live in San Vito Lo Capo all year round and that is why we can recommend those places that the locals frequent, so that you can have an authentic experience, between traditional land and sea recipes. and great classics revisited 😋

Da Plaia

This is a bakery perfect for a quick lunch break. Here you can enjoy the best of Sicilian street food.

I'm talking about “pasta al forno", arancine, eggplant parmigiana and much more ... 😋

Crik & Crok

Simple and easy-going restaurant able to amaze you with typical dishes such as eggplant caponata or hand-made fish cous cous (the chef and owner won the Cous Cous Fest a few years ago ...).

Then also raw fish and pasta with tuna, shrimp ...


It is a very small restaurant with only-meat menu and great beers and wines.

Cortile di Cerere

An environment with predominantly Sicilian style and characterization, they offer local cuisine and lpizzas with Sicilian and gourmet ingredients.


Excellent restaurant, pleasant environment, dishes prepared in a particular way, very kind and helpful staff.

The wine list selects the best local labels and unmissable Italian excellences.

Gna' Sara

It is a restaurant and pizzeria with homemade and tasteful Mediterranean cuisine.

Gna 'Sara (= aunt Sara) in the 70s was a pizzeria that has slowly evolved over the years to become one of the most popular places today.


Open for a few years but with very skilled and prepared staff.

Really small restaurant with tables outside but high quality cuisine.


It is a restaurant and pizzeria with Mediterranean cuisine.
It is particularly popular, especially for its privileged location on the beach.


It is an elegant restaurant located at the beginning of the town and which offers seafood cuisine with a strong link with the Sicilian tradition in a very relaxing environment surrounded by a beautiful garden under the stars.

It is ideal for a romantic dinne

Antico Borgo

(Makari - 10 minutes by car from the Hotel)

It is a restaurant that offers seafood cuisine with a strong link with the Sicilian tradition.

It boasts an enviable location on the Makari Gulf, which makes it truly ideal for a romantic dinner at sunset.

Here are some delicacies that you absolutely must taste!

Fish Cous Cous

It is a dish based on hand-crafted durum wheat semolina and seasoned with fish such as redfish and grouper to which is also added a tasty soup as a garnish. It requires a really long and 4-phase preparation that takes about four hours including rest.

Curiosity: legend has it that at the end of the 19th century the fishermen of San Vito fell in love with this dish in Tunisia where Cous Cous is prepared with meat and/or vegetables.

Busiate al Pesto Sanvitese

Busiata is a typical pasta that takes its name from the "buso", i.e. a wooden stick that gives the pasta a spiral shape. Pesto sauce is prepared with tomatoes, almonds, basil and garlic and remains "trapped" in the folds of the pasta, thus making it very seasoned, a delicacy to be eaten in one gulp!
Busiate al pesto from San Vito can be served with fried potatoes and/or aubergines on top.
Veg dish.


They are the famous "rice balls" prepared with meat sauce and peas or with ham and mozzarella.
Everything is breaded and fried.
Curiosity: In ancient times it was customary to reuse the leftover rice from the day before.
You can enjoy them under an umbrella at lunch by taking them away from the Gastronomia U Paninu or from Plaia, near our hotel and the beach.

Panino (sandwich) with panelle

Panelle are tasty chickpea flour pancakes fried and served on a soft bun with the addition of pepper, salt and lemon.
Veg dish.

Tuna products

Tuna processing according to local tradition, where no part of this generous fish is thrown away, goes back to the ancient use of tuna fishing nets along the coast of Trapani.
From the eggs to the "buzzonaglia", from the fillets to the heart from the lungs to the seminal pouch; everything is worked by hand with salt from the nearby salt marshes, giving rise to legendary products with names that recount tradition.
Bottarga (roe), mosciame, ficazza, lattume are some of the most famous.

Caponata di Melenzane (aubergines)

Aubergine caponata is a traditional dish from the beautiful island of Sicily.
It could be described as a cooked salad made up of fried aubergine and other ingredients. It is a sweet and sour dish and many of the ingredients used in it (like pine nuts and raisins) clearly show the influence of the Arab and Middle Eastern world that permeates Sicilian culture, architecture, dialect and food.
There are many variations of this dish and, like the majority of traditional recipes in Italy, every town and every family has its own version. In the area of Trapani, in the Western part of Sicily, the addition of toasted almonds is a must.
Caponata can be eaten as a side dish or as an appetiser. It is usually eaten in spring and summer and it is best served at room temperature, or even cold, with warm bread.


It is an ice cream symbol of gluttony, to be considered a single dish as it is decidedly caloric.
At the bottom of the bowl must be placed your favorite flavor of ice cream, to which is added sponge cake soaked in rum (or milk as needed), then cream, hot chocolate, peanuts and a biscuit.
We recommend trying the "Natalino" one from the Gelateria La Sirenetta.

Rianata and panino all'ufficiale

The rianata is the typical pizza of the province of Trapani. For the sauce there are salted sardines, crushed garlic, chopped parsley, tomato, pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil and a good dose of oregano.

The cabucio (or panino all'ufficiale) is a sandwich created with pizza dough. The traditional recipe calls for it to be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, anchovies, sliced tomatoes and cheese.

We recommend tasting it at the Cortile di Cerere (with table service) or at Pizza e Sfizi (take away).

Cassatelle and Graffe with Ricotta cheese

Cassatelle are a sort of ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and fried, served with sugar.
There is also the savory variant but served with fish broth which is absolutely delicious!

The Graffa is instead a brioche filled with fresh ricotta with chocolate nuggets, all dusted with sugar.

As I said, for us it is always a pleasure to take a break, talking with our guests and recommend one of the restaurants we've tried, so they do not go to the tourist restaurant to spend money unnecessarily.

We usually reserve a table for our guests, so they have no stress.

So that day after day they can go to a different place always having a fantastic experience.

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