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Trekking and snorkeling at the Lago di Venere

di Marco

The holiday is a moment of serenity that we give ourselves when we choose a new destination.

Do you ever feel happy when after watching videos, photos, shooting Instagram profiles, you find the place that best meets your desires?

It always happens to me too!

If for your next vacation you want to go to the beach and stay in Italy, San Vito Lo Capo is definitely for you!

On holiday in this Sicilian pearl, you will be able to enjoy a territory rich in natural attractions to be experienced by boat, motor or sailing, and on foot with fantastic excursions that can give joy and serenity.

Like the one at the “Lago di Venere”, a secret and wonderful place, not far from the town but completely different.

Here is the adventure I personally did on November 14, 2020.

  • Let's go!

My advice is to wake up early, have a hearty breakfast and do some shopping because at Lago di Venere you will find nature, certainly not a supermarket nearby! :)

So, imagining that we have filled up with energy, taken some sandwiches and some water, we head east, towards the Zingaro Reserve, shortly after the Tonnara del Secco, about 7 km from our Hotel (15 minutes by car).

Find out how to get there: click here.

Percorso 2
  • The path:

Now a beautiful wooded path of about half an hour will take us to our destination!
It is a bit torturous but funny.

If you go with your children I'm sure they will enjoy walking among ancient ash trees but also among small "tunnels".

The beauties of the route do not stop on the mainland, several dozen types of fish await you inside the Lago di Venere.

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  • Here we are at the end:

After the route you will arrive in front of a wonderful and secret scenario.

It will seem completely different from the small town of low houses and bougainvillea that you have seen up until that moment of your vacation.

Immerse yourself slowly in what is a sort of "natural pool".

The Lago (lake) di Venere in San Vito Lo Capo is in fact so called because, following the collapse of a large rocky wall, the boulders rolling through the valley and diving into the sea, have created a body of water that is always calm (even with a stormy sea) so that Venus can be admired every day and forever.

Snorkeling in the waters of Lake Venus is an experience you will never forget.

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And then after so much effort and unforgettable snorkeling, regaining energy before returning to the hotel is a must and sounds almost like a prize!

Lago Panino

Now you just have to write me for more info.

See you in San Vito Lo Capo!

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