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A Sicilian Breakfast

di Vito

The breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is essential for health.

Breakfast is therefore necessary to make full of energy.
A day in San Vito Lo Capo can be very challenging: you can dive in the blue sea, discover the Zingaro Reserve, Erice, Segesta...

Our guests always tell us that waking up with the “good smell of Sicily” is an added value that makes them happy and makes the stay memorable.

In fact, breakfast for us does not mean croissant and coffee distributor.

At the Hotel Piccolo Mondo in San Vito Lo Capo breakfast is not simply the first meal of the day but it is a ritual to be experienced day after day in a room lit by the morning light.
Antonella will surprise you every day with a selection of homemade cakes and jams.
I assure you that you will take many photos to send to your friends!

Here in our hotel, for breakfast you can also find ricotta cannoli and "pane cunzato".

What the pane cunzato is?

It is bread with tomato, Sicilian cheese, anchovies, oregano and olive oil.

It's very good and I personally don't mind eating it every day for breakfast.

Just as much of Sicilian gastronomy was born in the homes of the people who could not afford anything else.

Tavolo colazione fiori

Do you want to know more about it? Here is the recipe!

What are cannoli?

Sicilian cannoli are a traditional dessert that dates back to the Arab domination, but already known in Roman times, through Cicero.

A fried dessert originally reserved for the Carnival period, which from a monastery in Caltanissetta spread throughout the region and with the emigration of the Sicilians it was appreciated around the world.

The name of the dessert comes from the sections of river cane around which the wafers were rolled, before the introduction of metal torches.
We can therefore say that the cannolo is a crunchy wafer, filled with fresh ricotta embellished with chocolate or candied chips.

Here in San Vito Lo Capo you can enjoy it already from breakfast at the Piccolo Mondo but also as a delicious snack in the nearby pastry shops (after all we are a few steps from the center of the village) and, why not, at the end of dinner tasting a passito.

If you have read until here you will have understood that breakfast here is the triumph of the pampering: it's our way to welcoming you.

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