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A Sicilian Breakfast

di Marco

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is essential for health and it is therefore necessary to make full of energy.
A day in San Vito Lo Capo can be very challenging: you can dive in the blue sea, discover the Zingaro Reserve, Erice, Segesta...

Our guests always tell us that waking up with the “good smell of Sicily” is an added value that makes them happy and makes the stay memorable.

Antonella will surprise you every day with a selection of homemade cakes and jams.
I assure you that you will take many photos to send to your friends!

Over the years, breakfast has become our flagship and it is one of the many reasons why most of our customers (Italians but also from other countries) are now very affectionate guests who spend their holidays in the our hotel every year.

Being in love with our Sicily we are pleased to offer some of the best typical sweet and savory products in addition to classic elements of Italian breakfasts.

"The Best of Sicily elements":

  • cannoli with ricotta cheese;
  • homemade jams prepared with Sicilian apricots, oranges, mulberries, mandarins, strawberries...;
  • "pane cunzato" ;
  • "sfincione".

"The Classic Italian Breakfast elements":

  • seasonal fruit and orange juice;
  • homemade cakes and pies (often stuffed with jams);
  • biscuits, butter and rusks, nutella, cold cuts, pastry croissants, yogurt, cereals.

What the "pane cunzato" is?

It is bread with tomato, Sicilian cheese, anchovies, oregano and olive oil.

It's very good and I personally don't mind eating it every day for breakfast.

Just as much of Sicilian gastronomy was born in the homes of the people who could not afford anything else.

Do you want to know more about it? Here is the recipe!

What is "sfincione"?

The "Sfincione" is an exquisite rustic leavened product; typical street food of Palermo gastronomy. It is a kind of high and soft pizza topped with an onion sauce, Sicilian cheese, oregano, anchovies and breadcrumbs.

A unique goodness with a rich flavor, delicious scent, the typical soft texture like a sponge and slightly crunchy edges!

It is truly a pleasure when it is hot right out of the oven!

What are "cannoli"?

Cannolo is a traditional Sicilian dessert among the most famous in the world, also protagonist in some scenes of very famous films such as the Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola.

It is a crunchy wafer filled with fresh ricotta embellished with chocolate or candied fruit flakes.

It has a truly ancient history, something similar was already known in Roman times and in fact a definition is attributed to Cicero: "tubus farinarius dulcissimo edulio ex lacte fartus", which means more or less a "farinaceous tube filled with a very sweet food based on of milk".

Regarding the origins of cannoli, myths, stories and sacred and profane legends are told.

According to the sacred tradition, the Sicilian cannoli was made for the first time by the nuns of Caltanissetta (city in the center of Sicily) for Carnival. They used to prepare ricotta and chopped almond desserts, decorated with delicious pieces of chocolate.

According to a more "profane" tradition, the origins of cannoli date back to the era of Arab domination. It was done by the concubines of the Emir of Caltanissetta.
They used to create new recipes and prepare dishes and desserts to pay homage to him.

Whatever its origins, the name of this delicious dessert comes from the sections of river cane around which the waffles were rolled, before the introduction of metal torches.

Here in San Vito Lo Capo you can enjoy it already from breakfast but also as a delicious snack in the nearby pastry shops (after all, our Hotel is a few steps from the center of the village) and, why not, at the end of dinner tasting a passito!

If you have read until here you will have understood that breakfast here is the triumph of the pampering: it's our way to welcoming you.

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